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Hello | Hello!

On the calm of water, nestle between mountain green and dry bushes, the villagers happily wave hello. A Greeting with hello can be in many forms. A smile, a nodding, an eye-sight, a bow, a singing, it goes on. Do greetings mean anything? Only people would behave being friendly? Or, only people would have manners?

Oh Yeah | It's meant to be!

Open up to receive what’s meant to be. Embrace what’s bestowed upon as it’s meant to be. Work hard and change it the way it’s wanted to be would be as it’s meant to be. Lay still motionlessly and silently would be as it’s meant to be. Move forward as it’s meant to be; move backward as it’s meant to be; move sideways as it’s meant to be; move on as it’s meant to be. It is meant to be.

Silent Literature

Silent Literature | Actually it's not really silent.

Any story is literature. Any drama play is literature. Thoughts and thinking are literature. Any person’s living is literature. Literature is created by any individual’s thoughts and thinking. Literature in stories, drama plays, thoughts, and thinking are created by an individual. What we recognized as literature is written in words, and we study and learn about it. But it’s always been silent literature, just hasn’t been written in words, and we haven’t studied and learned about it. Any one is silent literature.


Resources | Are resources depleting or not?

Is it true that the resources of the planet earth are depleting without any replenishment? Should human on earth be worrying about the non-replenishing resources depletion? I have this thought on this issue. Since the universe is energy. The planet earth is energy. Energy conserves. Energy given out EQUALS energy taken in. So energy adapts and changes forms. Human, like everything else on planet earth, is energy. Earth resources, like everything else on planet earth, are energy. Energy doesn’t deplete but adapts to different forms, recognized or unknown. Shouldn’t we take a deeper look into whether human can adapt to continue with the earth resources’ recognized or unrecognized adaptations. We shouldn’t be worrying. We should be exploring to understand to adapt for continuation.

Live On

Live On | How to live on?

I have always been thinking about in the news of what people say and do and about what friends and family say and do. Most of the time I end up asking why would these people say and do these things that they have said and done. Are they non-educated? Are they just money loving ass kissing SOB? I am reluctant to admit it, these thinking of mine are a bit judgmental. But I can’t stop thinking about, evaluating, and analyzing these sayings and doings whenever they come to my attention. Lately, I haven’t been able to help myself keep away from seriously reacting to these people’s sayings and doings; and I am turning a bit agitated and irritated by my thinking on those sayings and doings. I have begun to feel tired in my mind. Then it just popped out to remind me that in order to rescue my agitated, irritated, and tired self, I am not to keep asking ‘why’ in my mind but to learn how to live on. I also realized that to learn how to live on is indeed to learn how to deal with. That is, I need to learn how to deal with various issues which comprise the core issue of what we called ‘living’. I need to learn how to deal with the fact that each individual’s action and thinking describe what I see the individual’s personality or character. Personality drives what the individual say and do. If I don’t need to live the individual’s character, I don’t need to be seriously troubled by the individual’s mere personality or unique character. I need to learn how to deal with the fact that each individual’s action must be for a reason which is deemed appropriate for the individual. If the individual’s action isn’t harmful nor destructive, I don’t need to be agitated in my mind by the individual’s action. I need to learn how to deal with the fact that each individual’s thinking must be with a purpose which is deemed needed for the individual. If the individual’s thinking hasn’t any detrimental effects, I don’t need to be irritated in my mind by the individual’s thinking. However, I do believe I may continue to evaluate the ethical value on people’s sayings and doings. I may continue to analyze truthfulness on people’s sayings and doings. I believe evaluating and analyzing will not tire me out in my mind.


GENIUS | Aren't we all genius?

Who is a genius? What would a genius understand and tell in order to be made a genius? Albert Einstein is a genius who gave us ‘relativity’ and had proven its validity. Wouldn’t I be wrong to say that the concept of relativity is understood to only human on planet earth; just like ‘time’ applies only to human on earth because, for example, each person is timed by a ‘limited life span’. A genius would not only tell proven understandings understood and applied to only human and would understand the beyond. For example, could any genius tell proven understanding on the ‘traveling-through-time’ validity because any life form is energy state not prescribed by time, which, as you know, time is understood to only human. I have these questions. Would planet earth have concurrent multiple tiers of time? Since human have limited vision as human brain could only interpret the destined specific frequency light ray as eye vision, would there be other coexistence at a different energy level which human couldn’t see and interact? That is, would there be other human-like life form at a different energy level coexisting on planet earth? What human couldn’t see and interact wouldn’t necessarily mean there are no other coexistence. What about the idea of multiple universe? Could the idea be looked at as multiple space? If the universe and its unknown were to be understood as ‘space’, postulating multiple universe would be postulating multiple space. But multiple space doesn’t take any meaning which is understood to human. With enormous unknowns about the universe and just is exactly this reason that’s why the universe is called space, so what is the point of postulating multiple space prior to getting a little more understanding of the universe!

zero circle

|zero cirle| Is it beginning or ending?

What is zero? It is the circle, which is infinity. Where the start meets the end, it’s the beginning and the ending at the exactly identical instance. Each point on a circle is then a unique start-end meeting instance. The integration of start-end instances constitutes the circle, and the integration itself is infinity. Also then, the start-end meeting instance is continuously looping or circulating through the circle as the process of start meeting end. It’s looping within looping and circulation within circulation. It’s looping by looping and circulation by circulation. It’s looping align looping and circulation align circulation. It’s looping over looping and circulation over circulation. It’s ENERGY! It’s BLACK HOLE! Well, to put it simply, it’s LIFE! Life begins and ends at exactly identical instance. Life is zero!


darien | Who is darien?

Photography is both an early hobby and a late self-developed serious amateur. Darien thinks himself as a self-developing amateur photographer with a nestling interest in spontaneous instant as it occurs momentarily while taking his favorite tourist trekking. He believes that the way he takes photography is one way of looking at nature. Nature is of course what makes him who he is today and forward. Although nature have made his past and been shaping what he is today, Darien takes more joy feeling nature now because he has better understanding of nature continuously onward. Darien is happy. Well, no, he is not. Darien is happy sometimes. Darien has trouble with genuineness. Darien has trouble with sincerity. Darien has trouble with truthfulness. Darien has trouble with righteousness. Darien can only be god to himself; he can only be his own god. But Darien is entitled to his own rights all to himself. When out of his hands, Darien doesn’t want his opinion and belief turn out to be the outcome results in the end. Darien is good ……., and Darien is NOT good ………., so let it be. Darien can always lay low and walk away when his limit is reached. Wanting to be an intelligent politics activist participant, at least in his own mind, Darien will take charge of himself in doing what he determines to do as being outspoken on political righteousness. Darien would not be self-pitying; Darien would not dwell on his past, he has full energy moving forward always.